Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Life is great and I am running! Our schedule is pretty hectic and sometimes there isn´t time to rest. But that is okay. The work is going forward. My companion doesn´t run but there is another missionary in our house that does. I am doing fine and I never thought I would say this but I am eating a lot less. I am not like the black hole I used to be when I was at home. hahaha (maybe a good thing :])

This past week we did have two baptisms and one was confirmed on Sunday. I was able to confirm him. One baptism happened on Saturday and that was Maycom who watched all of conference and when he got baptized he told us that he still hadn´t received an answer but he knew that the church would help him change his life and that was a good thing. We know he will receive his answer soon. On Sunday there were two more baptisms. One was ours and the other was from the other pair of missionaries. The baptism was amazing. There were almost 60 people there and everyone was energized. The train is picking up speed here in our little branch of 120 people. This area is growing and we are pushing forward now that the members can be more animated. I will send pictures of the baptisms next week. Maycom, the man that was baptized on Saturday does photography and he has professional cameras. He took the photos and he will send them to me during the week. The work here is going great and our district president returned. The District president has a lot of goals for our district and he is pushing that we can divide our branch here in Formosa. So the four of us (elders) here are working double time that we can accomplish the divide before Christmas. The Lord is working miracles here. There are a bunch of less actives that we are encountering and a lot of members that are showing up out of nowhere. Less actives wanting to return and members with friends that are not members but want to learn more about the church. What can I say but, “Wow!” As I like to say, ´when we are in the Lord’s work and doing everything that we can it looks like another day in paradise!!!!


Elder Hoopes

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