Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

I am doing great and I am not sick. I am 110% and rolling like a roller coaster. The work is going forward. The other two investigators we had were baptized. One will be interviewed next Sunday to see if he is worthy for the Aaronic Priesthood. They are growing in the gospel and coming along so well. I am still so excited about the baptisms that we had last week. I told you about where we had 60 people show up. This is so exciting to see the ward get excited. It was crazy amazing!!! Everything is going swell and life is wonderful. It finally started to rain here and ohhhhh how it is nice!!

Yes, I loved Conference! It was so wonderful. And yes I love Elder Durant’s talk. My scripture was in Mark that said to him that believeth all is possible. My companion and I have felt a strong impression this past week that the Lord is ready to do miracles here. We have felt that by December we will have a lot of people ready to be baptized. We are pushing for miracles for that is our call. Thank you so much everyone for your prayers.

This week was transfers and I stayed. The work is great and like clockwork. It is hot here but that helps me feel at home in the AZ sol. This week will be strong and I know that the Lord is preparing ways for his children to be baptized and enter into the Kingdom of God. Every day we are receiving revelation and learning how we can improve. Love the work and vocês!!! Até a proxíma semana!!!

Com Carinho, Elder Hoopes

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