Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16, 2015

Dear family and friends,

This transfer feels that is has gone by so fast for me. We gained a new elder in our house this transfer and he has already returned home because he has finished his two years. He was a blast. He left for home last Friday.

So this week has been pretty normal and nothing too crazy has happened. The food is amazing here in Brazil. Also this week we made pancakes again. Ohhhh how I miss American homemade pancakes. I enjoyed them so much.

This past week Carnival has started in Brazil and will end tomorow, Tuesday, February 17th. We go home early because there are a lot of bars here and the drunks can be an annoyance during this holiday.

This week I was touched by a letter that I received. It was from a friend from school from my cross team. He asked me how he could be a leader for the team like I was. I have never felt that I was like a leader. I enjoy being a cheerleader for my friends and helping out but I have not thought of myself as a leader. Now out here on the mission I have felt so loved by everyone. I have seen how much others care about me and I want to make sure I am always there for others. My friend asked how he could leave a lasting impression on others like I did and how to show the way. First I will start by saying that I am far from perfect. I look back to last year in high school and realize I was very immature in a lot of ways. Now out here on my mission I have seen how much I have changed and how much I have learned. I have learned SO much! First I have learned that to be a leader you have to be willing to change, adapt, have patience and to endure through problems. That is something I know that comes with time. Second, is you must have a willingness to be friends with everyone and to be positive and to always encourage others to do better. Also to be there for others when they need help. When I was in Cross Country I was always looking to my coaches to know what I needed to do to better improve my running times. Also I would ask their advice on how to improve. They were lifesavers.

When you want to be a leader I have learned that you have to be an example. You have to show others that when you follow the rules you can have more fun. Also you need to be willing to stand up and hold to the rules when others don't. I learned that all too well in Cross Country because a lot of times I would do stupid stuff and I got in trouble. As I said before I am not perfect. When you show others the rules they start to abide to them and then they will look up to you to see what you did to follow the rules because you were an example to them on what to do and what was right. Like I have said, on my mission I am learning how to be a leader. I just wish I had been a true leader in high school.

Also a leader needs to be a friend to all. There are many people in the world today that don't have friends. I have seen that way too much in my life and here in the mission. When you are willing to show others friendship and love they will immediately open up to you because they know that you will not judge them on how they act or will think bad about them. You have to show them that you are there for them and want to help if they need it. I think this is true for everyone that when you have a problem it is always easier to solve it with a friend by your side.

Last of all to leave a lasting impression I have learned that when you are always willing to change you become humble. People want to know that you are teachable also. People will look to a leader when they show others how to improve. People will see you are sincere and that you want to help. Another way is to show a genuine interest in others. Be willing to show up to other special events for them or be willing to return and help them in things they need help with. Be there for a runner the next season or at an upcoming event.

In all the examples of leadership that I have seen I am deeply grateful, to name a few: My DAD AND MOM, my Grandpa Pyron, Steve Peterson, Coach Selby and Thomas, Coach Krieg and Bingham, Coach Arron, Mark Faroni, Bishop Herbst and Bishop Enos, Brother Mcknight, Mrs. Smith, Coach Gardner, Donivan Thomas, Jadon Allen, Brandon (Chief), Bryson Jones, Tyler Johnson, Kinnon Priest, Mr. Wepfer, Mr. Seely & Mr. Whitehead, Dr. Slemmer and many more. I am deeply grateful for all those examples in my life who have helped to make a difference. There are many others that I am not naming and I apologize. Thank you all for the example that you guys set for me. I will forever be in debt.

I will always be thankful for the help I have received in my life and I will forever give it to others. I will always try to follow the example of my perfect leader Jesus Christ and then I know everything will be okay.

Till next week!!
Elder Hoopes

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