Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

I am doing great! Life is amazing and I am having a wonderful experience. To everyone this week has been a great example of planting the seed and then years later the fruits appearing.

This week I remembered about a person that my sister told me about that had served in my mission. Her name was Sister Rhule and she served in the same area I am serving in right now in P-Sul in Celandia. She passed through here in 2009. This past week my companion and I were looking through old teaching records and I found one that had Sister Rhule’s name on it. I thought it was interesting because my sister had told me about her. I decided that my companion and I should go see the investigator because I didn´t know that name. When we passed by (visited) Tyago (the investigator) the experience we had with him was incredible! He told us that he had been thinking for the past week about returning to the church and then we showed up on his door. Tyago was baptized in the time of Sister Rhule but was not confirmed a member of the church and so he didn’t receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. So he has to be baptized again. When we had a visit with Tyago he told us that he had returned to his old addiction and he had been smoking 40 cigarettes per day. When we passed by his house he said that he had been two days without smoking anything. He stopped flat out smoking. The beautiful thing about this encounter is that sometimes missionaries become discouraged because they didn´t baptized someone but this experience shows that sometimes you will just plant the seed and then another will come by and pick the fruits. Tyago was baptized in 2009 but not confirmed and has to be baptized again and now it is 2015 and he has a date for baptism on the 7th of June. I love how the hand of the Lord works and it is so beautiful when we see these sweet moments. I am great and I am loving Brazil, but most of all I am loving this work and the amazing people that I encounter every week here in this amazing mission. The work is always happening in all parts of the world and I am so happy that I get to be a part of that work and help others come unto Christ.

Until next week,
Elder Hoopes

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