Monday, April 27, 2015

Dear family and friends,

So another week has gone by and I am back writing. I love this day because I can tell you guys all the crazy things that happen out here.

On Tuesday, I found out that it was the birthday of Brasilia, where I live and the capitol of Brazil. This day was great because it is the day my companion and I marked a date for one of our investigators to be baptized. The date was the next Sunday. Her name is Maria Raimunda and she is amazing. She told us several times that she wants to be baptized because she wants to change her life. She has been an amazing investigator!!

On Wednesday, my companion and I met with another family that has been just golden. We marked a date for two of the children in the family to be baptized. The date is for this coming Sunday, May 3rd. Also here in Brazil there are a lot of people that want to learn English. One of the members in our ward wants to start teaching a class with me. So we are in the planning phase of starting an English class. The funny thing is I don’t know where to start or how to teach people English. There is only one way to find out though.

On Friday, we met a family that has shown a lot of interest. It started out that when my companion and I were passing by a house my companion said that he felt he needed to knock on the door. So we did and we met Bira (beer -ra) and his family. They have shown a lot of interest. His brother Mike is amazing also because when we taught the first vision he looked like he recognized something in it that was true.

On Saturday we had the interview for Maria Raimunda and she passed and was baptized this past Sunday and Oh was it amazing!!!!! Also one of the members in our ward is going back to the mission and he is leaving today. We are going to drop him off at the airport where he will go to Curitiba Sul.

On Sunday I had a bit of bad luck. This was because on Saturday I picked up a little rain and I got sick that Sunday morning. When I went church I felt so bad. I returned home after Sacrament meeting but I have gotten better. Sunday night we had a farewell party for the member in our ward that is returning to his mission and it was amazing. I heard a testimony of one of the members that is less active that is filling out his papers to serve a mission because he said when he was bearing he testimony that he felt he needed to serve and that he wants to do better.

Also a return missionary shared a quick thought at the farewell party and she shared something interesting. When we leave on a mission we receive a plaque that says Elder or Sister and then our last name, then below has the name of Christ. She said that on that plaque it doesn´t say our first name and she shared this thought. When I wear my plaque I am telling people that I forgot who I was and I am leaving everything behind in the name of my family and the Lord who I represent. We missionaries are here in the field sharing the gospel because we want to share the gospel of Christ with others but also that we want to change ourselves to become more like Christ. Just a quick thought that I wanted to pass on for you guys.

So that was my week and I am excited because Mother’s Day is coming up and we have so many people with baptismal dates set up that I know these next few weeks will be pretty busy.

Until next time,
Elder Hoopes

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