Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6, 2015

First Conference was amazing! We got to watch all of the main sessions but not Priesthood. We get the Liahona here and so I will read it when it comes. That was so sad that people were opposing the vote during the sustaining. I loved the talk by Elder Pearson and the other elder in the Seventy that talked about “Can you hear the Music.” They really made you think.

I have sent a package to you and a letter with a camera card. The package is taped completely and so if you find it cut you will know that it was opened. I am so excited for Mother’s Day and I can’t wait to see you guys again. It is crazy how time has flown. Just know that I am loving my mission!

As for friends: I have heard from Hunter and he is fine. Elder Priest doesn’t get to write very often. I am very excited for Tyler that he is getting to go to Aussie Amanha!! Caraca Vem!! The gang is moving around. I am learning a lot out here in the field and every day is a new challenge. Change is rough but it makes you grow. I have been a little homesick but I love the work. Every day is a new experience.

Today was transfer day. My companion and I both got transferred. I have been transferred to another area. I am in Celandia with a new companion. It feels so weird for me though because I have left my last area and it feels weird. I feel like I left home and now I am in Japan. It feels like that. Thank you for your prayers and fasts. I am thinking of you guys every day and miss you guys a lot!

Elder Ashton Hoopes

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