Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week has been a rough one. My companion and I have been trying hard to find

someone that wants to hear the gospel and we have not encountered anyone in the past three weeks. We have been working with the few investigators that we already have. One investigator

in particular is Anderson who I talked about last week. He has been opening up to us. He is telling us more about what has happened to him and how he feels and so on. He has a date set for his baptism. It is this Sunday but we don’t know if he will continue on. We are hoping that he will still be ready for Sunday.

In reality this week for my companion and I has not been good because we are here to teach people and help them progress and we have met no one that wants to progress or in other words we have not met someone that wants us to teach them. We want to show this people our love but we have gotten a lot of doors shut in our faces and it is tough. My companion and I have been sad because we want to teach but we have tried to think why are we here and we thought that it may not be to baptize someone in this area but maybe it is to help each other become better people or better missionaries.

Really that is all that happened this week. We are looking for a new place to live. We have two bars in front of our house and it has been hard to sleep at night because they are playing music until sometimes 3 am. I hope all is well for you guys at home and I would love to hear from each one of you personally, so if you want to write me a letter I would be more than happy to respond!!

Elder Hoopes

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