Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter 10 with a Picture

Dear family and friends,
This was my fourth week in the field and some wonderful things have happened.
Rain here has been a constant and it is making it hard to do street contacts but we are working through it.  We had 2 great lessons this week.  The first was great because it was my first time that I invited someone to baptism and our investigator said YES!!  I was so happy for them.  The second lesson was a contact from a long time ago and when we went to the investigator’s house she had a friend there visiting.  This friend was also a convert and we had a member with us as well.  So we had 2 missionaries, 2 members and our investigator.  The investigator knew a lot about the gospel because she has been talking with her friend for a long time now.  When we were inviting her for baptism with a date she interrupted halfway through the invitation and said, “ YES!”  It was WONDERFUL!!  Then a wonderful side note:  I found out that the friend is going to visit Antelope Canyon and Lake Powell in Feburary!!  I was like what!  How I miss the beaches at Lake Powell. 

The work is going well here!  We walk so much that I actually get tired.  I am sore because we walk all day but when we have lessons that are amazing it makes it all worth it. This week we had a member come teach with us and he has already served a mission.  He works as a professor at a college. We brought him to one of our families that is having trouble and has a lot of questions.  When we started he took off in teaching and by the end of the lesson we were stunned because the family had no more questions. He taught so well and was amazing.  Also this Sunday we had the Primary Children’s Sacrament Program.  It was so cute and great.   Here in our ward they don’t have many Primary children but it was so great to hear all the little kids.

On Tuesday, I did a trade off with one of the zone leaders and went to Gama East and the view was beautiful!!  I had a great day with the lz.   So an interesting thing about Brazil: Here they have playgrounds but they are not monkey bars or jungle gyms. It is exercise equipment and they are right outside of the schools.  Moving on, this week something came up with the water and there were blocks around the city that did not have water.  We don’t know why but it was strange. Luckily we were fortunate enough to have water.  I saw a crazy thing this week:   a propane tank money jar!  Also the drivers here are crazy!! I have already seen 2 accidents where one a man was hit by a car and the other was a driver that stopped too fast and slammed his head on the steering wheel.  Another interesting thing here in Brazil: when we are walking on the streets if you see a puddle of water and it has not rained you don´t step in it because here in Brazil the sewage pipes are pvc piĆ© that come from under the house and empty right into the streets from the curbs.  

Have a wonderful week.  I will write more next week!

Elder Hoopes

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