Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Letter 6

To all my Family and Friends:
 I have come to my last Prepday in the CTM so here it goes,
This week has been amazing because I have been able to celebrate a Brazilian holiday which is Dia de Criances (day of kids).  It is similar to Mothers Day and Fathers Day. 
Also a neat thing I learned this week.  My CTM President, President Swensen has been working with the Missionary Department for over 40 years and has worked in assigning mission calls.  He  has worked one on one with many of the apostles including President Monson. Sunday we had a doctrine class with him and wow was the spirit so strong when he bore his testimony. I kid thee not, I could see a glow around him when he bore his testimony and that has been one of the most amazing experiences I have had so far in the CTM.

Next, this week I have been ripping apart chapters in the Book of Mormon. What I mean is that I have been going word by word in the chapters trying to find the meaning of them and I don’t think I have ever had such colorful scriptures. I will probably have to get refills for my lead back home. If you go to Mosiah 2 where King Benjamin gives his speech there are so many direct references to Conference.  It said in one verse that all the people were gathered up to the temple. Have you ever noticed that in every break of Conference the picture of the Salt Lake Temple is shown.

Okay so the running weight total so far is a total of 10 lbs I have gained and I have been shifting 5 up and down every day this week. We had hamburgers this Monday night for dinner and I had three because they were sooo good.  I gained 4lbs in that one meal and today I am going to a Brazilian meat house.

Last week I got to go to the Campinas temple and it was amazing!! I also went to the Sao Paulo Temple today and got to do service as they let us fold laundry and dang was it fun!!!
I have heard that it takes about 4 weeks for letters sent from here in Brazil to get up to you guys and it only takes 6 days from the states so please send mail because waiting for email every week is driving me crazy.

Next, has Kinnon Priest left yet, yes or no... If he has can someone please send me his email because we are allowed to write other missionaries so yeah.
I am singing in the devotional with my district this Sunday and we are singing “God Be with You Till We Meet Again.  The first verse is in Hawaiian, the second verse is in English and the third verse is in Portuguese in a way of saying goodbye to English. I will have a friend take a video and I will try to send it to you guys.
This is my last week in the CTM and I leave this Tuesday for the field!! I am stoked because it is time to leave and I am ready to serve in the field.  Sao Paulo is almost out of water!! They have been having a drought and the water supply is below 5 percent in the reservoir and so the administration here has been telling us to conserve so the CTM supply does not run out too quickly because they don’t have a big back up.

I was reading in True to the Faith and I was reading about humility.  I came across a phrase that caught my eye. "When we are humble it is not a weakness because we are showing where our true strength lies. When we are humble we can be humble and fearless, humble and courageous."

A question for all and I want your guys input. I want all friends, family, and others getting this on my blog . . .   How would you define “empathy.” I was wondering if I could get a list from you guys.   Thanks so much!

Elder Hoopes

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