Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Letter 1: He Arrived in Brazil!

Hey all,
       So I have to make this quick. Um where to start. When I left Arizona at 10 in the morning I did not know what to expect. i thought I would be flying alone but there were three other missionaries on the plane with me. Funny thing Sister Dumas who was serving in our stake was one of those three. So we took our flight to Atlanta Georgia and that seem to go on forever. But I made it. When we arrived we had a three to four hour layover there in which it seemed like we would be the only four flying to Brazil but seconds later another pair of elders arrived, both were freshies like me reporting for the first time, and after them more and more. I think we owned that plane because by the time we boarded we had 38 elders and about 5 to 7 sisters with us!! The flight to brazil was long but I got to see the Amazon river!! It is so freaking fat!! I mean wide!! hahaha. It feels wierd that I will be living my life here for two years. When we arrived i went through customs and got through with flying colors!! I was so scared that they were going to reject me and I would have nowhere to go. We took a bus ride from the airport to the mtc, (in portugese it is CTM) and I slept the entire ride because I didnt sleep on the 9 hour flight from Georgia. hahaha no I am feeling the crash. This building is so big!! I will send pictures in my next email when I have more time. but this place is soooo cool and there are so many people that live here. Houses are stacked on top of each other and the downtown makes New York look like a candy shop!! I will send pictures on my next email!! Love you all and miss you guys.
                               Elder Hoopes
P.S. My nametag is awesome!!!!!!

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